Personalized Training Program

Gemini Training Systems was founded on the belief that optimum performance does not result from merely training hard or training frequently.

Underscoring my belief in intelligent training is the philosophy that the greatest gains are achieved when a training plan is effectively personalized into a cohesive strategy. Most athletes have some knowledge of how to get fit, but they lack the guidance and discipline to effectively organize their training into a sensible and realistic plan. Below is a summary of our most important philosophies.


  • Personal training should be affordable, realistic and personalized.
  • My paramount goal is to meet or exceed my athletes expectations.
  • Frequent communication between athlete and coach is the key to success.
  • Training intelligently is more important than flogging yourself endlessly with no plan or direction.
  • Every workout should have a goal.
  • Science and experience are equally important in designing a training plan.
  • Personalized training means designing realistic plans for realistic goals


Colorado clubs/teams and collegiate cyclists inquire about special pricing!


Elite Package                                                                                               $185/mo 

The Elite Package is our ultimate in training! This package has unlimited contacts with your coach, Lactate Threshold Testing and bike fitting. Additionally, on request , your coach will attend events with you. Your coach will contact you once at least once a week by phone to update planning and discuss other pertinent issues like tactics, nutrition and lifestyle. This package encourages you to take every step possible to meet your goals and win races.

  • Bike fit
  • Customized daily, weekly, monthly and yearly training plan
  • Cycling Analytics account included
  • Unlimited contact with your coach
  • Training is HR or Power based using numbers confirmed during testing
  • Coach can attend selected events with you.
  • $185/mo, pay 3 months = $465, pay 6 months = $810


Sportive Package                                                                                               $100/mo 

Our most economical package. This plan will develop your goals as an athlete while being sensitive to your budget. Contact with your coach is client initiated.

  • Weekly phone contact with your coach
  • 2 weekly emails with your coach
  • Customized daily, weekly and monthly training plan
  • Training will be HR based
  • $100/mo; pay 3 months = $250 pay 6 months = $400