What you should be for training in January










Happy new year everyone! We're now into January. The holiday season has passed us by and its time to get serious about training for the 2017 cycling season. 

Through December and this first week of January you've been doing short duration, moderate intensity FTP/Threshold type work. In my last post I suggested incrementally adding time until you could do 30min or so. This should be a 6 week cycle where you allowed a rest period after week 3 and then commenced another 3 week cycle. In the next week or so you should allow a 1 week rest to "reset the gauges". 

The next cycle you'll enter will introduce some VO2 type work. So, above threshold stuff. The idea is that as we get closer to the start of the races your training should become more specific. So, effort intially should be in the 20 to 30 second neighborhood and start increasing in duration as you proceed. These should be done around 110% of your FTP. A beginning recommendation would be to see how you feel after you do 3x1min 15sec@VO2. 

This workout might look like this:

20min warmup/ride out of town (you need some open road for these)

5min tempo @Z3

5min easy @Z2 recovery

3x1:15 @120% of FTP

5min easy spin Z2 recovery

3x1:15 @120% of FTP

Minimum 30min easy spin home (Z2)

For more info on how to set up your training in January and Feburary or determine your FTP shoot me an email.....Ainslie