We're doing the Whole 30 plan

So, my wife and I have decided to give the Whole 30 plan a whirl. If you're not familiary with the plan its essentially "orthodox Paleo." We took a look at our summer and realized we had been a bit cavailier about food and adult bevvies and hence, here we are. Yes, its true, we like to eat and have a drink every now and then!

The Whole 30 plan is a great way to break your bad habits and "reset" your nutrition. Its not miracle pill and without a doubt it take work, but anything worth doing does. The Whole 30 folks claim a variety of health and wellness improvements which I won't bore you with here. To check it out for yourself, go to their website www.whole30.com

We are on day 4. So far we are enjoying it. The meals are great however you have to do quite a bit of pre-prep. For us thats not a huge departure from our normal routine. We try to minimize shooting from the hip with meals at our house anyhow. Something Melissa and I both tell our gym clients is to plan ahead with meals so convenience doesn't "bite" you. In other words, caving and ordering a pizza or bag-o-dinner. 

I will confess that today I was pretty hungry and a bit grumppy all day. Even with good meals I still felt like I was not fed enough. I talked with Hugh MacEachran (www.hughmactraining.com) who is an expert on Paleo nutrition and has completed the Whole 30 plan. He gave me some great ideas about snacks that fit into the Whole 30 paradigm. The struggle here is to avoid added sugars, soy, corn products of any kind, processed grain, peanuts, dairy and legumes. Initially it sounds restrictive but, if you look at it more closely you have lots of options. 

I'll try to blog or v-log as we proceed. I am announcing a race at a somewhat remote location this weekend and then we have a dinner party on Saturday night. We'll let you know how we handle situations like those where you aren't in control of the foods that are presented.