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Winter bike maintenance










In the winter conditions outdoors can be wet, sandy and salty. Additionally there can be more debris in the road and the cold can affect your equipment adversely. I can remember doing rides when I was a full time cyclist where my derailleurs would freeze from road spray and the chain would get rusty. As you can imagine this can be rough on your equipment. Here are some tips from the experts about how to keep up your machine. 


What you should be for training in January










Happy new year everyone! We're now into January. The holiday season has passed us by and its time to get serious about training for the 2017 cycling season. 

What you should be doing for training this month

We are just about into December now. In Colorado the weather has only just turned fall/winter like and we've enjoyed a late period of great riding outside. Here's what you should be doing for training right now.


Rollers vs Turbo Trainer. Which is right for you













With cooler temperatures arriving and daylight becoming less and less I have cyclists ask me frequently should they get rollers or a turbo trainer. Both devices offer great benefits that will help you improve your fitness but the answer isn't totally cut and dry. 


What you should be doing this time of year

I noticed on facebook recently a number of friends and a few pros saying "season over!" Indeed we have arrived to the "off season" for more than a few of us. If you are racing 'cross, you're on a different plan. For the rest of us, off season has different meanings. For some, its time completely off the bike. For others it means switching to your mountain bike or some other sport. What should you be doing right now to get refreshed without digging yourself too deep a hole?


Whole 30 Update

So, about 2 weeks ago my wife and I started the #Whole30 plan. If you're not familiar with Whole 30, think "orthodox Paleo". That is, keeping your foods to whole ingredients and eliminating foods that strict Paleo nutrition gurus suggest you take out. To get a feel for what those items are go to

As of today we're at day 18. I won't lie, it has been hard. The first two weeks I was pretty unhappy and hungry. That happened because of two things:

1. Me not being mentally agile enough to assemble appropriate snacks


We're doing the Whole 30 plan

So, my wife and I have decided to give the Whole 30 plan a whirl. If you're not familiary with the plan its essentially "orthodox Paleo." We took a look at our summer and realized we had been a bit cavailier about food and adult bevvies and hence, here we are. Yes, its true, we like to eat and have a drink every now and then!

2016 Tour de France Stages 19 and 20

Hard to believe the Tour is already over. This race has offered up plenty of action and its been fun to watch all the animators. Personally, I think this year was more entertaining than the last several years. Chris Froome raced with panache and his attacks came in unexpected places. 


2016 Tour de France stages 18 and 19

Phew! Busy last couple of days at the Tour. Yesterdays time trial was a 17km affair that was primarily uphhill. It was business as usual for the GC favorites with Chris Froome taking the win and Tom Dumoulin having to settle for 2nd. Dumoulin sat in the hot seat for the better part of the day and had to wait til all the riders save yellow jersey Froome were in. His time stood up to some very good riders and only Chris Froome could unseat him.


2016 Tour de France Stage 17

Pozdravlenia! That is how you say congratulations in Russian. Ilnur Zakarin won a tough stage today after dispatching the Columbian rider Panano and polka do jersey wearer Rafael Maijka. The gradients in the final 2km of todays race were absolutely brutal and Zakarin found the legs to unload two very capable athletes.


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