Ice baths as a recovery tool

After a hard workout many cyclists look for ways to accelerate their recovery so they can hit another hard workout the next day. While massage is not always accessible, ice baths ("Cryo-Therapy) are usually pretty approachable. Spending a few minutes in an ice bath will help accleraate your recovery and clear metabolic wastes from your muscles.

My quest for 5000km

Hard to believe we are about to enter December.Daylight is becoming shorter and temperatures are cooler during the day. This has made is harder to train for me. I put in many years training in chilly conditions when I was racing full time. I'm not in a big hurry to go back to that kind of thing. I'm still putting in more miles outdoors than in but, I'm already around 200km on the rollers since Sept. 1! Thats a lot for anyone.


What a tangled web we weave

I read with interest this morning about the exit of Sean Yates and Steven De Johng ( from Team Sky. The team had asked everyone involved with the program to sign a declaration that they had never and were not currently involved with drugs in any way. The article indicates that neither Yates or De Johng admitted to doping but yet, they were shown the door.


Off season weight training


Winter Weight Training For Cyclists



Its all about perception

Earlier this year Velonews published an article in their print magazine by Caley Fretz about our perception about riders who have been caught using drugs. Caley raised a good point about how different our perceptions is about riders like, say, David Millar versus Alexander Vinokorov. David Millar was welcomed back to cycling with open arms while, myself included, Vino received only questions about why he showed no remorse. 


Training---what you should be doing right now

I noticed on facebook recently a number of friends and a few pros saying "season over!" Indeed we have arrived to the "off season" for more than a few of us. If you'r racing 'cross, you're on a different plan. For the rest of us, off season has different meanings. For some, its time completely off the bike. FOr others it means switching to your mountain bike or some other sport. What should you be doing right now to get refreshed without digging yourself too deep a hole?


Training with the Garmin Edge 500 and Cycle-Ops Powercal hr belt

My buddies down at Breakaway Cycles in Loveland CO recently let me demo the new Garmin Edge 500 cyclo-computer paired with the Cycle-Ops Powercal HR belt. This combination allows you to see power without a hub or crankset. The HR belt paired with the Garmin unit calculates power based on heart rate and the info coming in through the Garmin unit. The Garmin is a GPS unit and monitors a huge amount of parameters.


Gearing Up For Cyclocross


Training for Cyclocross




LA thoughts for what its worth

A number of people have asked me what my thoughts are regarding the Lance Armstrong news. Its a difficult question to answer because there are so many levels. Its like an onion, multiple layers, stinks and makes you wanna cry.

We have all known that  something was going to happen for quite a while now. But, with all the legal wrangling going on, the issue had become so convoluted and there was no clear picture of the outcome.


Coach Zack's Top 10 pre race rules



10 things to do pre race

1.make sure your steed is in racing condition. Dont go to warm up an hour

before the race to find your valve extender doesnt work and your cables


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