2014 Tour de France Stage 1

Ah at last the Tour has started. In my humble opinion, these will be 21 of the best days of the year! The race this year started in England with the crowds turning out in force for the first stage. 

The Tour typicall starts out with a prologue time trial but this year, its a relatively flat road race. As usual, there were the normal early, tentative breakaways but the writing was always on the wall that it would be a sprint finish. The teams started setting up their lead out trains around 15km to go and Lotto/Beliso sure looked like they had things well in hand. 


The side you don't see

I read, with interest, a piece on one of the cycling websites about a rider allegedly having "sold" a race to another rider. Michael Barry (retired US Postal Service rider) recently published a book and made these statements. The riders involved have made comments about it in the news.



Some things never change

This past weekend I had the chance to go for a ride with my son (9yrs old) and my twin brother Hugh. It was Easter weekend and my brother and his family came up to our house Saturday evening and stayed the night. I get to see my brother now maybe once or twice a month. He was excited to go for a ride with my son too since his son is 2 and a half years old and he says he can't imagine riding with his boy yet.


The balancing act

I have a friend who occasionally facebooks me and we belly-ache about balance. You know, trying to find time to do it all: ride the bike, be a dad, be a husband, go to the gym, work etc. Its hard. Trying to find time to pursue your own goals while also attending to the other items in your life that are important or necessary. I joke that balance is something you acheive while you're on your way from one extreme to the other!

The Secret To Eating Right and Getting Results

Many of you know that in addition to coaching cyclists and triathletes I also work in/manage gyms. On a daily basis I must discuss nutrition with at least a half dozen people. I cannot stress how important the role of nutrition is in helping you to move towards your health and/or fitness goals.


Training for CX

Here's an article I published in Velonews a coupla years ago regarding training for cyclocross. 


If road racing is a fringe sport in America, cyclocross is the red headed stepchild of bike racing.

It requires some varied talents and it favors hard men. While I


Eat Breakfast!

Eating breakfast is important to help get your metabolism up and running after "fasting" during the night. Sleeping is, for all intents and purposes, fasting so, you have to get food in you in the morning to set your metabolism running in an optimal fashion. 


Planning Your Season


I spent a few years living and racing bikes in Europe. For the most time it was a good experience and a good time. But I look back on it now incredulously and think, “ What were you thinking?” And not from the perspective of “what were you thinking racing in Europe?” but what was my plan?



10 Commandments of Group Riding

Ten Commandments of Group Riding:


I resolve to do nothing...sort of.


Resolve To Do Nothing...Sort Of


Happy New Year! Many of us resolved to do things like lose weight, exercise more, do this, do that. But what happens to those resolutions? By the end of January, maybe as late as February, those resolutions go by the wayside.



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